was established in 1952 in Aleppo - Syria and has grown ever since to become one of Syria’s most advanced industrial entities.

Our main activity is concentrated on dye casting Aluminum, Zink, brass and plastic components, using highly technical machinery and equipments, from which divides our three brands:

MISSOCAST: for dye casting different industrial sector needs including: Appliances, automotive, pumps, valves and spare parts.

MISSOFLEX: Our newly developed brand for manufacturing reflective road studs with different specifications according to the international standards. Our production line starts from designing, custom-made designs, and all the way to the finished end-product.

MISSOHORNS:Specialized in the manufacturing of different types of air horns for vehicles and trucks.

By virtue of its Quality, Business Philosophy, trust of its customers backed by almost 55 years of experience. Mihran Co. is able to offer competitive pricing, superior quality and prompt deliveries to cater to the needs of the most demanding customers nationwide as well as in the regional markets.



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